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Zeolite minerals are found in abundance in nature. They have been present on our earth for millions of years. You must wonder that how? When volcanic ash is exposed to high temperatures and pressure, zeolite mineral are produced. This is why they are found in an adequate amount. The problem is that there must be proper equipment and technology to extract this mineral and put it to use in different real world applications.


The physical structure of zeolites is what makes these minerals so amazing. They are porous and honeycomb like in their physical properties. Which gives them an amazing absorption properties. They can absorb more than 50% of their weight. Its chemical structure consists of Silicate tetrahedrite bonded via oxygen atoms. The atoms of silicon are replaced by the Aluminum and this what gives zeolites their specific porous structure. The volume of these porous structures is from 24 to 32%.

The first time zeolites were used was in 1950’s when it’s certain chemical properties were discovered and analyzed and it was concluded that it can be very useful. At that time, Zeocem realized it’s potential and owned all the major mining sites of zeolites. The main site of extraction is in Slovakia, where zeolites can be extracted in their purest form.

Zeocem started as a cement making company in 1949. At the start, the plant was designed to produce 150,000 tons of clinker and 180,000 tons of cement. This target was achieved by 1956. With the increased demand of construction material in that era, due to several development projects Zeocem had to increase their production and by 1975, Zeocem was already producing 360,000 tons of cement, which is twice the initial design capacity.

Later in 1997, the production of clinker almost stopped and by 1999 there was a complete halt in the production of clinker. Then the ownership of Zeocem changed and they decided to use natural zeolite in the real world applications along with the cement. The company transitioned from cement production to zeolites production and making possible many practical applications of it.

By now, Zeocem has done a lot of research and development of zeolite and they have been successful in introducing zeolites in a lot of real world applications. Along with its use in cement, zeolite is used in water filtration, cat litter box, industrial exhausts and many other agricultural and domestic applications.

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There are many minerals and chemicals in the earth, which are very beneficial to the humans. These days, a lot of research is being done in this regard and researches and finders are in constant struggle to find the hidden gems of the earth and make good use of them and use them for the wellbeing of peoples. As the technology is advancing, it is getting easier because in the past, there were very limited machinery and research budgets for the scientists and they didn’t get to explore much, but now along with the huge research budgets and the latest and right tools for the job, it is becoming very easy.


There were times when taking care of the livestock was a very difficult job. There were a lot of variables which were considered by the livestock owners to take better care of them. Livestock is an important asset and if proper care is not taken with it, it may lead to a financial loss.

Zeolite can be used to take care of livestock. There are many benefits of using zeolites as the bedding for livestock animals. Zeolites can be used as the bedding for the poultry products, along with the woodchips. The ratio of the zeolites with the woodchips should be 75:25 and the resulting product can be used as a bedding for the poultry.

Along with the poultry bedding, other livestock like horses, pigs, cattle, etc… are usually kept in barns and specific places. The floor of those places can be lined with the ZoeCem Eco because zeolites have a lot of absorption properties. These absorption properties make the floor immune from infections and moisture because those will be absorbed by the zeolites and will keep the livestock healthy.

There is another application of zeolites. They can be used in the fertilizers. A useful product called KlinoFert-NPK, made by Zeocem is a very useful fertilizer. Along with the basic components of fertilizers like nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, zeolites are added in a specific ratio. This addition makes the fertilizer more efficient and effective. The zeolites bind the nutrients with themselves and slowly release those nutrients into the soil. Also, due to their absorption properties, zeolites absorb water and slowly release the water and makes it reach the roots of the plants in a proper manner. Zeolites also maintain the PH of the soil.

For all these great Zeolite products, you can contact Zeocem because they are the pioneers in this industry.