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Peugeot may not be one of the most exciting car brands in the world, but they are one of the oldest. It is strange, because everyone knows that brands like Jaguar have been around for ever and ever, but we tend to assume that the brands that specialise in compact hatchbacks were created in far more modern times. However, as Peugeot demonstrates, sometimes the brands that can adapt the best to each changing era are the ones that survive for the longest amount of time.The Peugeot brand started as a steel mill, way back in 1810. They created saws and other such steel implements years before car had even been invented, and when the automotive industry did start to take off they were perfectly set up to slide neatly sideways into the world of cars and three-wheeled steam powered vehicles.The cars they produce nowadays are simpler and less steamy (!!), but they are good all round everyday cars. They are also, in the spirit of birthdays and the next 200 years, starting to create some interesting looking concept cars, including the SR1, which strangely resembles a Jaguar or Aston Martin. Not quite what you would expect from Peugeot!

Happy Birthday!

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