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<p>Are you looking to go someplace that is antique? That serves best quality food with best presentation? Do you wish to go to a special place where you can spend a few moments of leisure with your significant other? What good option can there be than to try a place that has been there since the 16th century and has undergone renovations from time to time to maintain their highest standards of quality and comfort? You can bet that the place puts extra emphasis on the experience and comfort of their customers if their renovations take as much as 1 year. Yes that is right, and that is exactly what georgeandragon.com did to ensure that you get the best quality experience.</p><p>If you are interested in fine dining, our kitchen is from 7 days a week to provide you best quality lunch and dinner. On Sundays, we even offer special breakfast between 8 to 10:30 am. So why don&rsquo;t you come and try our delicious seasonal menu that comprises of top quality ingredients and has mouthwatering delights? Our food is prepared fresh each day using our own produced ingredients, and our kitchen team puts their years of experience to good use by presenting you the taste and quality which you can&rsquo;t find anywhere else. We even bake our own bread that smells and tastes amazing.</p><p>If you crave drinks, then you can try our bar that offers drinks from our own farms and brewery. Visit more&nbsp;hotels near Andover, UK.</p>