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In one corner there’s a non-alcoholic bar, with all the beverages stocked in slotted shelvesWhat you get – On the menu is an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian and Chinese dishesYou won’t find any exotic dishes here, so it is best to go for the usual onesIf you opt for a Chinese meal then the Veg Spring Rolls as an appetizer combined with any soup is a good startFor the main course, the Hakka Noodles are delectable and combined with the Szechwan Chicken or Chilli Mushroom, make the meal completeThe portions are generous and so a bowl of each dish for two people is more than ampleOn the menu to drink is a variety of non-alcoholic drinks like fresh fruit juices, healthy milkshakes and of course, aerated drinksFor desserts, there’s a whole range of ice-cream based onesRecommended is Crackers, a fig and honey ice cream topped with mixed nuts. Having the best China Travel Apps are very important