Home Business Armao dos Bzios; the Brazilian Saint-Tropez

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Saint-Tropez for those who don’t know is an internationally renowned seaside resort on the French Riviera. To this day, it remains star-studded and often frequented by European and American jet setters. Similarly, Brazil has its own Saint-Tropez in the guise of Armação dos Búzios.


Armação dos Búzios has become the favorite beach getaway of the wealthy elite. Much like its French counterpart, it was once just a small fishing village. It achieved international prominence after Brigitte Bardot visited the place in 1964. Visit http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20130719-forms-of-identification-marcello-arrambide to discover more interesting travel destinations in Brazil and beyond.


But even before Brigitte’s visit, Armação dos Búzios was already a popular beach getaway for the local elite circle.