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<p>The previous models of web design were focused on images, text and colors but as different devices evolved with different sizes, there was a need to create web designs that can smartly adjust themselves accordingly to the size of the devices in which they are opened. This relatively new approach is termed as &ldquo;Responsive Web Design&rdquo; where the website design can adjust itself according to the device. In responsive web design images, videos and sidebars re-adjust in order to be contained within the device screens size, eliminating horizontal scrolling. The advantages of responsive web design are not going to go away so easily. In fact, it is becoming increasingly important as site views on mobile are taking over the site views on desktop. Responsive web design should not be confused with mobile design. Mobile design is the process of creating an entirely different site, either through coding or with an app or plugin. Responsive design is developed for ease of navigation and reading, creating a great user experience whether you are using it on desktop, mobile or tablet. One of the most attracting aspects of responsive web design is that a responsive website can provide a great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes. This is one important characteristic, since it is impossible to handle all the devices and screen sizes. Now every good web design company offers both the computer and mobile version of the website and make sure to test its responsiveness.&nbsp;</p>