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<p>The rise of the internet has restructured the foundation of hospitality, dining and hoteling. Today, World Wide Web has become a battlefield, with internet bookings growing in popularity every year, there&rsquo;s no question that this particular trend isn&rsquo;t going to fade any time soon. Optimizing your hotel&rsquo;s website for traffic as well as conversion is critical to letting your commission-free booking channels thrive. A number of hotels are investing in SEO, SEM, site design and reliable booking engines, while features like mobile-compatibility have become basic pre-requisites that nobody even mentions anymore. Segmenting your hotel&rsquo;s data is a great way to group relevant data, and enables you to better target your campaigns for specific sectors of the audience. Based on guest preferences saved in your property management system, you can personalize offers for their needs and improve conversions. Moreover, segmentation enables your revenue manager to observe trends and uncover patterns that can help further optimize your revenue management strategy. BAR pricing had been the norm for a long time for hoteliers. However, hoteliers have gradually come to realize that locking rates for all booking platforms isn&rsquo;t very profitable during the peak season, especially when discounts represented by a percentage tend to increase proportionally with higher room rates. Instead of missing out on that channel&rsquo;s exposure altogether by delisting, open pricing enables hotels to continue to list their rooms on all channels, with independent rates. If you are looking to book hotel for your vacations in UK, visit hotels near Andover&nbsp;<a href="http://www.georgeanddragon.com/">www.georgeanddragon.com</a>!&nbsp;</p>