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Cable television was considered as the best way to get the best quality news, personalized towards a faithful audience. However, today online streaming services do much more than cable TV and it does not lay waste customers’ wallets in the process. Cable TV may have great news shows, but now all of those shows are streaming live online and are available for a small monthly fee.

Big events like the Presidential debate are available online on different streaming services, and many people who don’t want to pay for cable TV can watch it streaming live. You can watch business msnbc channels. All the major news networks offer “TV anywhere” online streaming services but require a cable login which comes with a high monthly bill. There are short videos with stories available on the main news websites which one can watch, which are free but most people who want to watch the news live can opt for the below.

Television news would still be a major source of news for the older generation for years to come, but television news providers need to react to the popularity of online streaming or else they would get obsolete. TV news providers need to realize the challenges and reinvent themselves to the younger audience that prefers online streaming to television.

People spend a lot of time on social media these days and own many devices like tablets, smartphones, laptops which they access on the go and so they prefer to update themselves on live streaming news. Many news organizations, including traditional broadcasters, print media, and the major digital players, are all experimenting with different television-like online video news to reach audiences, especially the younger generation. Many of the major social media platforms are leading the march towards video-enabled Internet news.

Nowadays, one does not require a hefty cable TV package to stay informed. Streaming online news is a better way to keep up with the latest developments in the world as it offers more choices and a broader perspective when compared to cable news networks.