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<p>There are thousands of SEO techniques which are important for a functional website, campaign or content. In UK, there are a lot of companies who offer SEO services but the best of them all is Achieve DMA, SEO Consultant in Sacramento! There are few practices which Achieve DMA would gladly like to tell you which you can do by yourself. Some of them include, making a Sitemap is very easy these days. There are many online tools for it. Search engines use spiders (not actual spiders) to crawl your website and index it. If your website is hard to navigate, the indexing process will be difficult for search engines and they&rsquo;ll probably ignore your website. Sitemaps provide an easy navigation through your website to search engine spiders. Make search engine friendly URLs. Ask your web developer to pay special attention to it because keywords and hyphens in a url are liked by search engines. Underscore is considered bad, so don&rsquo;t use it. Write related and unique title and Meta description for every page of your website. These days Meta description doesn&rsquo;t help you rank better in search engine, but it appears as a small description below your search engine listing. So it should contain some important keywords. If you like writing some content, start a blog related to your niche and write your opinions, thoughts and some unique content. A blog helps you reach out to other bloggers related to your niche and they help you promote your website. Above mentioned techniques are the building blocks of every SEO campaign. If performed correctly, they will be a great help to your SEO team and they will start optimizing your website immediately.</p>