Home Business Elizabeth Warren hits back at McConnell by campaigning for Alison Grimes

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Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts said that she is going to campaign for Alison Grimes who is running for the U. S senate in Kentucky. As per those that dawn news stream online is that she is locked in a tight battle with McConnell who is her challenger. One of the several reasons that Elizabeth Warren is helping her is the fact that she endorsed the student loan bill that Warren had introduced while McConnell suggested holding a floor vote for it. Warren is hitting back on McConnell for that to a point that she said he is for millionaires and billionaires and not for Kentuckians. As per the 92 news live online is that one of the events during the Warren-Grimes campaign will be a meeting with recent graduates and local college students.  The student loan bill that the Massachusetts senator had introduced was locked out recently.On the other hand as per the is that the Republican National Committee is not scared with the Democrat from Massachusetts campaigning for Grimes infact they said bring it on. Considering that she supports the EPA coal regulations which Grimes and other politicians are not supporting as they will affect many Kentuckians. Jahan Wilcox the spokesman for the Republican National Committee said that Alison Grimes has chosen to stand with president Barack Obama as well as Elizabeth Warren and Harry Reid the senate majority leader who are all “firebrand liberals”. Get more updates by following American politics online for free. American politics can be covered on hdstreamlive.