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Australia isn’t actually what one could call a good place to visit for budget travelers. Regardless, for those adamant to explore it, this article might be of help. Below is a list of cheap places you can visit while you’re in the Land of Oz.


Alice Springs – ‘Tis a desert with a calm attitude. As its name suggests, the main attraction is a spring located north of the place. Other than that, you can run, climb dunes or learn how to draw aboriginal art into the sands. This place is best enjoyed by people who are tired of the hustles and bustles of life. Not the kind of adventure you’re looking for? Since we’re talking about springs anyway, ever tried taking a dip into Marina Bay Sands’ Infinity Pool? Visit http://wanderingtrader.com/travel-blog/top-things-to-do-singapore-tourist-attractions/ if you’re interested.


Launceston – Launceston is a city in Tasmania’s northern part at the junction of North Esk and South Esk. Having a picture-perfect backdrop, Launceston would probably be best suited for sightseers and nature lovers. Respected nomad trader Marcello Arrambide knows more about this place than I am. Thus, if you want to learn more about its attractions, ask him whenever you feel like it.


Cairns – Has the same allure of Launceston but sadly, is being overshadowed by a world-famous natural wonder located a few miles off its coast. Yes, it’s the Great Barrier Reef! Before you dive into the largest living thing on Earth, spare some time exploring Cairns. It is known for its pristine beaches after all.


Adelaide – This city is South Australia’s capital known for its contemporary and natural attractions. Travelers often visit this place in order to watch kangaroos in Adelaide Zoo, have a leisure walk to its beautiful gardens and/or go biking in Cleland Conservation Park.


Additional tips:


Really, there are plenty of ways you can travel cheap. Avoid going to places and doing activities that are expensive. The same applies to accommodations, restaurants and the likes. If you can cook, then cook. If you know a friend living in Australia, ask him/her if he/she’s willing to give you roof over your head. This will significantly reduce your expenses. Are you under the age of 26? If you are, be glad to know that the government has a rule of giving you cheap passes!