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<p>The web development community is a never ending process as the technology is changing and enhancing every minute. Everyday a new language or framework is on its way. One of the most popular and fastest framework for development is Drupal. Here are some of the few notes for drupal web developers. It is important that every developer should have some experience with version control and versioning. Version control is an essential part of drupal community. Versioning allows for drupal projects to be easily managed, maintained and contributed in a uniform manner. It is not necessary to be a CLI enthusiast, however being able to work comfortably using a CLI is an added advantage. One of the advantages to using a CLI is the ability to be more productive. You can quickly automate repetitive tasks, perform tasks without jumping from application to application, and the ability to use tools like Drush to perform tasks that would normally require you to navigate 3 or more mouse clicks to accomplish. Using package managers is important to the installation of Drupal. Whether it is installing Sass or Bootstrap from node or Drush from composer, it is important to know how package managers work and exactly what you are running before running commands on your computer. It has been observed that an important part of the Drupal web developers&nbsp;community is to contribute back to projects and core. Within the last couple of years, there has been a movement to CSS preprocessors to add a programmatic feel to CSS2 and CSS3. There are some that are against preprocessors because it adds a little more overhead to a project.</p>