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<p>Property is the biggest possession one has in the life. And it is without a doubt one of the huge sources for making your life comfortable as it is a satisfactory aspect in the life that we have our own property which will be for us in all sorts of situation. If we invest in good 3D floor plans that create a really strong and reliable design, our property is likely to last a very long time.</p><p>When it comes to creating exceptional floor plans not only in the UK, but any part of the world, having top quality customer service is at the heart of any well reputed company, and this is also what Metropix &ndash; which also happens to be one of the pioneers for introducing digital mapping technology, especially the 3D floor plans in the UK stands for. In addition, an ongoing, pro-active development program is driven by customer feedback and changing industry requirements, meaning customer feedback is actively sought and systematically acted upon. </p><p>Metropix was founded in 2004, and since its inception, it is known as one of the leading suppliers of 3D floor plans and solutions to the UK's residential estate agency and lettings market. Metropix was acquired by the Landmark Information Group (a Daily Mail and General Trust company) in late 2008. </p><p>Using metropix is not that difficult but there are a few things that must be kept in mind. But don&rsquo;t worry, our customer support and sale representatives will guide you through, and you would not face any difficulty when using it to create 3D floor plans. </p>