Home Business The Ultimate Place to Watch Aurora Borealis

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The Northern Lights is a shared trademark phenomenon of countries situated in Northern Europe. But even though you can view this natural wonder in this region, most countries don’t have what we call the best vantage point. For the ultimate viewing experience, read on!


The coziest place to watch it according to the Best things to do in Iceland Wanderingtrader blog is in Jokulsarlon. In my opinion, it’s Svalbard, Norway. If you decide to stay for the night in this Norwegian archipelago, you can enjoy a mind-boggling and uninterrupted view of Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights is so close in this place that it gives viewers the impression that you can touch it just by extending your arms.


This phenomenon occurs 24/7 in Svalbard. Be forewarned however since it’s really cold there. After all it’s in the Arctic Circle already.