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Science and technology have advanced a lot and a lot of research and development has enabled the discovery of some very useful and beneficial things for us. We think that this is the peak of technology and research, but every week or month, we hear about some new technology in the market which will be available to the consumers in a few years.


Talking about the advances in the sciences, there has also been a lot of advances in the field of agricultural sciences. Due to the latest equipment and research facilities provided to the agriculture researchers, many breakthroughs have been made possible. Production cost per acre has been reduced and production per acre has been increased. This research and development is still going on and constant efforts are being made to increase the agricultural productions and making the soil fertile.

Among some amazing research and development of agricultural minerals, zeolites are one of the most useful minerals used in the field. Zeolites are found naturally and they are porous in their physical structure. Their super absorbent property, which is almost %55 of their weight is what makes them very special minerals. They have many applications in other industries too, but let’s talk about its importance in the agriculture.

Zeolites can be used to condition the soil and make it better for the production. There are many changes that a zeolite brings into the soil. First change is the ion exchange in the soil. Ion exchange is the process of purification, and decontamination of the aqueous ions from the other ones. This makes the exchange and penetration of aqueous ions into the soil better and efficient. Secondly, it enables the reversible hydration and dehydration in the soil, which is due to the porous structure of Zeolite and it binds the nutrients and release them slowly later which makes the soil better and keeps it fed by the nutrients. There is a specific product called ZeoSand made by Zeocem for that purpose.

Zeolite can also be used in the lawn care. ZeoGravel is a product made by Zeocem which is very useful in making the lawn soil fertile and better. It works in the same way as it works in the ZeoSand. Binding and slow release of the nutrients makes the lawn grass and plants grow better.

Zeocem is the pioneer in industry of making the best Zeolith products.