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Earth is filled with useful chemicals, minerals and resources which are running our life on a daily basis. Water is extracted from the earth. Oil is extracted from earth. Gas is also extracted from earth. Also, there are plants and vegetables and what not. You start counting the gifts of our earth, you’ll be lost for words because they are literally countless.


Talking about usefulness of our earth and its gifts, Zeolite is one special gift from earth. Zeolites are minerals made from the compressed volcanic ash. They are porous in their physical structure which gives them superior absorption properties. Due to these absorption properties, they are useful in a lot of things. Let’s take a look at some of the real world applications of Zeolites.

Pet Litterbox:

Cats are usually trained to do their litter in a litter box. That litter box is placed somewhere inside the house. When cat uses it, after a few days, there is moisture and a strange smell from the litterbox. When zeolites are used in the litter box, they absorb almost all the moisture and smell and keep the litter box useable for the cats.

As a Water Filter:

Zeolites are also used as water filters. Due to their superior absorption properties, they remove almost all the toxins and harmful things from the water and make it useable. They have wide range water filtration capabilities too. Zeolite filters are used in pool cleaning filters and in small ponds inside the home.

Industrial Exhausts:

Due to a huge growth in the industries, there are a lot of industrial exhausts. The smoke coming out of them contains some very harmful toxins and gases. Zeolites can be used as filters for industrial exhausts. They absorb all the harmful gases and toxins and make the smog clean and not so heavy on the environment.

Animal Nutrition:

Zeolites are also used in the animal feed. There are certain chemicals produced during the production of the feed which maybe cause harm to the animals. When zeolite is used as an additive in the animal feed, it takes care of those harmful chemicals and neutralize them.


When zeolites are added in a fertilizer, they help the plants grow better by binding the nutrients with themselves and slowly releasing those nutrients. Slow release of nutrients is what makes the plants grow better.

Above mentioned are some of many applications of zeolites. Zeocem is the pioneer in zeolite industry. For their further products, visit their site at www.zeocem.com