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When an organization decides to promote the culture of wearing name badges, it suddenly becomes strange for the already working employees because they are not used to that kind of professional practice and they find it irritating and awkward at the start. It is human nature. Change is accepted slowly. If you try to implement the change forcefully, you may lose the trust and respect of your employees and they will not adapt to the change.


There are certain methods to implement the culture of wearing name badges in an organization. Let’s take a look at some of those methods.

  • If you have a fairly new business, then it is easy to ask the employees to start wearing the name badges because the staff would be small and they’ll all be ready to commit anything for the betterment of the business.
  • If your business organization is old, then comes the real problem because the number of employees would be huge and most of them would be long enough in the organization that they would not like this change and wearing name badges would irritate them. You have to take some methodical steps in this regard.
  • First arrange a small seminar or something in which your employees would be told the importance of wearing name badges. This seminar should be conducted by a professional and an expert who’ll have attractive enough arguments to convince your employees about wearing name badges.
  • After that, contact a professional name badge making company and ask for some attractive designs. Arrange another grand meeting with the employees and let them in on the designs and ask them which of the design would be attractive enough? This way, you’ll be kindling their interest.
  • When they all choose a specific design, order those designs and email the managers to inform the employees about the new tradition.
  • At first employees may become careless, but don’t punish them. Instead, create a reward system for the ones who wear their name badges regularly. This will encourage them to wear them and eventually, it will become a second nature to them.
  • Magnetic name badges are a good option because they won’t ruin the clothes of your employees.

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