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When the top order management decides to promote the culture of wearing name badges, it is a big task to implement this standard. But before that challenging task, there is another task to choose the best design of the name badges because those name badges will also be the identity of the organization. So the design of the name badges should be the best one to represent the organization’s standards.


The managers are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the best possible design for the name badges because there are literally hundreds of designs for the name badges at reputed name badge making companies. Let us help you decide the best possible design for your organizational standards.

  • First of all, think about the nature of your business because it will prove to be an important factor while choosing your badge design. Think about what your organization represents and the public image of your organization. The motto of your business organization will prove to be a helping hand in choosing the badge. There are certain color schemes in your company’s logo which can be implemented in the name badge colors.
  • Then there comes the material of the name badges. Choosing the material is a purely budget decision. If your organization can afford expensive metal materials for all the employees then it would be great, but if the budget is low enough, you can ask for other attractive designs in other materials like plastic, etc…
  • There is also the printing option there. There are four options is printing these days. Digital printing, screen printing, simple engraved tags, and tags engraved by laser. All these options about tags can depend upon your budget. Digital printing and screen printing are the most effective and economical methods.

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