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types of common household pests

All types of insect pests like warmth and it explains their abundance in the south of England. In fact, there are millions of various insects in the world and their total weight is more than the weight of all human population on earth. Every day people can face totally harmless bugs, butterflies and other insects while there are some species that are really dangerous for both health and household. Obtain information on the most frequent insect pests that live in the south of the country.types of common household pests

  • Cockroaches

These insects adore warm and humid climate. There are many cockroach species in the south. There aren’t any useful roaches. All of them spread infections and diseases. They crawl everywhere and transport germs from one place to another. Some species can even bite people to protect themselves. In addition, they have a strong poison resistance, so dealing with them can turn into a real nightmare.

  • Moths

Most of the moth species in the south of England aren’t dangerous to people. However, there are several species whose larvae can damage clothes, textiles, and other things. They consume the things that are mainly made of natural materials such as cotton, silk or wool. They won’t harm your health, but these insects can surely destroy your property.

  • Wasps

Wasps tend to create their nests in the most inappropriate places. They defend aggressively their places of living. The venomous stings can cause a wide range of effects. One might suffer from swelling, acute pain, skin reddening, allergic reactions etc. There were cases when children died because of these predators’ bites. It’s not recommended to deal with a wasp nest on your own. Hire a professional that has all necessary tools.

  • Flies

Flies are everywhere, where the germs are. They transport various bacteria and infectious diseases. Most of the species lay eggs inside food products that can hatch inside your body. Hopefully, you can purchase various fly repellents and eliminate all these pests by yourself.

  • Ants

Ants aren’t really that harmful. However, when their amount reaches a certain point, they can become a serious headache. They crawl everywhere spreading microscopic chunks of earth thus reducing sterility of the house or apartment.

  • Woodworms

Woodworm is a general name for various species of wood-eating bugs and beetles. These insects like living inside wooden furniture, floors or any other object that is made of wood. These pests can become a catastrophe for a wooden house because it can simply fall apart. It’s necessary to hire an insect exterminator as soon as possible if you see the signs of a woodworm infestation.