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a police car in a rear view mirror

When dealing with DUI cases, you need to use all possible defenses to avoid your conviction and serious penalties. The technique you choose will determine your future. That’s why this choice should not be taken lightly. Entrust it to a reliable and experience criminal defense attorney if you want to win. Get a better idea of the most popular strategies.

  1. Driving-related defenses. For example, you were not operating your car at the time of your arrest. Use this information to drop drunk driving charges. When law enforcement officers approach you in parking lots, their evidence is debatable.
  2. Arrest-related techniques. Police officers must have their obvious reasons to stop you on the road. They should suspect traffic violations or any other crime. Otherwise, they are not allowed to stop you. This kind of arrest is considered inadmissible and leaves prosecutors without any real case.a police car in a rear view mirror
  3. Field sobriety and breath tests. The equipment used to perform them can be faulty. There are certain factors that may affect their results. They include your medical condition, weight, age, and so on. If you succeed to prove it in a court, this evidence is inadmissible too.
  4. No Miranda warnings. When arresting suspected drivers, police officers are required to provide them, as they are an important part of this process. You have your right to remain silent, have an attorney, and others. If law enforcement officers fail to take this step correctly, you can win your DUI case.
  5. Challenging officers’ testimonies. They often use their personal impressions and observations when deciding whether accused drivers are drunk. They look at your appearance and consider your words and behavior. Make sure that you can challenge such observations to build a strong case.
  6. Introducing your witnesses. They may saw things in a different way, so use their statements to drop DUI charges. They may testify that you were not drunk, appeared to be sober, and so on.
  7. Provide your valid explanations for this behavior. You should be able to explain why you looked and acted this way at the time of your road stop and arrest. Discuss all possible options with a qualified drunk driving lawyer before using any of them. You can claim that you didn’t want to pass field sobriety tests because of your physical flaws. Your eyes were red because of allergic reactions, lack of sleep, or other reasons. Your speech was slurred because of certain medications.