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Jack the Ripper’s mystery have always tickled the people mind. It is one of the biggest mystery in the history of crime. Police and many other private investigators tried their best to solve this mystery but failed to catch the killer. Jack the Ripper killed five prostitutes in the Whitechapel District of London. In those days poverty was at its peak so prostitution was a common thing. Living standards were very low and police force was running on pure instinct and will power. There were no forensics or crime scene investigation techniques.

Jack the Ripper spread a horror among the streets of Whitechapel District. Because he abdominally mutilated his victims, police strongly believed that he must be some butcher or a doctor. They arrested many in suspicion, but had to let them go because of no evidence. Now all these things make some of us want to go in the late 19th century and feel that hustle and bustle that happened from 1888 to 1891. That’s not actually possible, but what If there is a better way? Yes, I’m talking about many Jack the Ripper tours. Which are spread throughout the London and Whitechapel District. But the one tour that made my day was The Jack the Ripper tour. About Jack the Ripper, these people are the most enthusiastic ones.


The Jack the Ripper tour guides are one of the most informative people on this case. They are called Ripperologists. They are also members of cloak and dagger society, a theatrical team, which brings that old historical crime to life. They walk you through the small dark streets of Whitechapel and tell you some of the most astounding facts on this case. While walking through those streets, some of those facts will surely send a chill down your spine.

The most amazing feature of The Jack the Ripper Tour is The Ripper-Vision. The tour guides use latest, state of the art hand held projectors to show 5ft tall pictures of those late 19th century times. Disease, poverty, alcoholism, low living standards, crimes, fights and deaths were the headlines of that time. People were living below the line of poverty. At that time when there was no technology, no forensics and no equipment for the police, Jack the Ripper survived and police seemed helpless in that matter. The Ripper-Vision will make you feel like you’ve relived those moments. Its great and its state of the art.

All in all, it is one of the best Jack the Ripper tours in London. After you’ve tried it, you will also say that “it made my day.”