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arches-national-park-53621__180There are many national park accommodation options available, like the Adventure lodge and motel, it’s a 3 star hotel on the Carroll Street, and then there is Howards Mountain Lodge, also on the carol street. The Park Hotel Ruapehu is a three start hotel on the 2/6 millar street. The same way the list goes on and on. One of these hotels is the Pipers lodge, which has everything you might need on this vocational trip of yours. They have different packages for the recreational sports, like the skis boots and poles, they are different rates for the time duration and also the rates vary for adults and children.
They provide a lot of facilities one of them is the In house bar and restaurant, the in house ski and snow board for which you might have to hire the gear.
Home cooked breakfast and dinner makes you feel very comfortable and like it is like you are situated in a home and not in a lodge or a hotel. Large projector screen and TV is there, for movie nights and those people who cannot miss their favorite shows even when on vacation. For the lazy bun they have the roaring open wood fire. So one can just lay and have a drink or just talk to their families or their significant other. For kids of smaller ages table tennis and pinball is available. They also have three spa pools for the ladies who want to relax and steam their problems and tensions away even if it is for a while. For the boys who like pool, and wicked pool table is also available.
The national park accommodation in pipers lodge is not only a good place to stay but is known for their reunions, they have large communal area which makes these reunions possible in the best way. Everything you might need is under one roof. The large communal area is ideal for relaxing and catching up. There is a spacious games room, ideal for families with children. They also specialize in well organized, relaxed and affordable ski trips, end of year camps and field trips for schools from all around the North Island.
At Pipers everything is under one roof. Communal dining rooms, mountain transport and in-house recreation areas allow for a total stress free on-site/off site mountain experience.
There is no better area to organize a school field trip, leader’s camp or team building exercise than the exhilarating Central Mountain Plateau.