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a blond-haired woman with fine hair

If you wonder what causes hair loss, find out more about its symptoms, possible treatments and common types. Visiting a local clinic is one of the most effective ways to get more info. However, do not overlook the role played by the Internet. Look for the reliable online resources relevant to hair loss dubai.

  1. Protein deficiency. Basically, you hair is made from protein, so that its deficiency often leads to losing it. There are other medical and nutritional problems that cause a blond-haired woman with fine hairthe same condition. Talk to local dermatologists and other experts to determine the main one. If you have certain hormonal issues or lack important vitamins and minerals, you will start losing your hair. This problem can be triggered by taking prescription drugs, including antibiotics. When using chemical haircare products, you should be careful because of the harm they may cause. Make sure that you consume enough protein and other nutrients on a regular basis. This means that you should eat more chicken and turkey.
  2. Daily stress. It also results in hair loss. For example, if you experience severe or sudden stress, it increases the shedding of your locks. Remember that this condition is temporary, so that your hair can grow back within several months. If you are exposed to intense stress, your hair may start falling out in patches very fast. That’s why it is important to remain calm and relaxed when solving life problems.
  3. Baldness or alopecia. This medical condition is hereditary and it often affects men because of their testosterone levels.
  4. Other diseases. You may start losing your hair after flu or other ailment. When taking certain drugs, you will suffer from the same side effect.

As soon as you determine the main reason that causes hair loss, this is the right time to pick an effective treatment. You should take into consideration natural remedies before trying the more serious ones.

  • Homeopathic. Contact a credible homeopath who will examine and diagnose you to choose the most suitable hair loss treatment plan.
  • Herbal remedies. Experienced herbalists may advise you to drink nettle or any other teat on a daily basis. This is how you can combat this condition and improve your hair follicles.
  • Aromatherapy. Think about massaging your scalp with natural oils. This activity will improve your blood flow and ensure fast hair growth.
  • Taking vitamins and minerals. You need to consider the right nutrition, especially if your hair is falling out.