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How to get rid of pesticides!We all love summers because of the ice creams, indoor activities and what a great time to open your windows and let the fresh air come in. But don’t forget there are chances that from your surroundings different pests can come in and defecate your house.
In this situation, it is must to control them. Pest control can be a difficult task. Once your house gets infected then it will be increasing in number and you must stop it carefully. Large amount of pesticides are used in our daily life but they can be harmful if not selected properly.
Wrong use of pesticide exposure can cause a range of neurological health effects such as memory loss, loss of coordination, reduced speed of response to stimuli, reduced visual ability, altered or uncontrollable mood and general behavior, and reduced motor skills. These symptoms are often very subtle and may not be recognized by the medical community as a clinical effect. Children are at greater risk from exposure to pesticides because of their small size: relative to their size, children eat, drink, and breathe more than adults. Their bodies and organs are growing rapidly, which also makes them more susceptible.
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