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a girl who wears oversized retro glasses

Many people are already aware of how hard it can be to buy a perfect pair of eyeglasses. Basically, it is not only about getting the most flattering look, but this choice also includes the right fit, size, and so on. You should follow a few helpful guidelines to succeed when buying quality prescription glasses.

  1. Pick the right frame size. It should not be too large or small for your face shape. If you pick the too heavy one, you will end up feeling uncomfortable. Another common issue is that your eyes will look smaller. Make sure that the eyeglasses you choose do not cover more than 90% of your vision field.
  2. Measure the distance between your eyes and nose. This is how you will pick aesthetically pleasing glasses and ensure the best vision when wearing them. For example, the right distance of this kind will help you prevent slipping, pressure, headaches, unwanted marks and others.a girl who wears oversized retro glasses
  3. Their arms should not be too loose or tight. That’s because this problem often results in headaches, ear pain, and so on. Pay attention to their material because this factor is important as well. For example, you may have allergic reactions to certain metals.
  4. Ensure that your glasses are center-aligned. This aspect plays a big role when making this purchase, as this is what allows you to see properly. Their lenses should be in front of your eyes.
  5. Pick the best lens material. It is possible to choose between two common options, glass and plastic. Each one has its certain pros and cons, and they should not be overlooked when shopping for the best prescription glasses. The best thing about the plastic ones is that they are hard to break, and that’s why they are often worn by kids.
  6. Choose between progressive and bifocals. Do your best to make this decision wisely. Consult with your doctor to get the necessary prescription and guidelines.
  7. Make sure that glasses have comfy nose pads. Otherwise, you risk ending up with an unpleasant experience when wearing them. Such pads should be made from soft plastic materials. Ensure that they are not too loose or too tights to get the most comfortable fit.
  8. Consider different styles and sizes. Take the necessary measurements to make the right choice. This is when their temple, vertical, bridge and other dimensions should be taken into consideration. Check them all to get a perfect pair.