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Here at the Team Challenge Company we have realised some about winter! For all the buzz generated by the long hot days of summer and the transitional fun of autumnal events, there is a certain dip in the mood that occurs the minute winter arrives. At work and at home, this change is almost palpable.

However, whilst you can hide behind hot chocolate and pyjamas at home, you have to brave the cold, the dark and the dinginess of winter head on whilst at work.

This can be a particular challenge for those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a sometimes debilitating illness that can make an already long and unpleasant winter season seem like an impossible feat.

SAD differs on a case-by-case basis, but knowing a little more about the condition and having an idea of how you can make the season easier for those affected by it at work, will help to keep the working week smooth and manageable for all involved. Get your team members motivated by injecting some fun into your daily grind!

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)a woman with a sad face

SAD is a depressive illness caused by winter conditions, specifically; short days, fewer daylight hours and a distinct lack of sunlight.

As a rule, lethargy increases in the winter and we have some subconscious need to hibernate with comfort food and onesies. Most SAD sufferers will overcome this need though, and battle through the months with a mild case of the Winter Blues.

A small portion of SAD sufferers though will be seriously impacted by the illness, losing the ability to function normally and suffering from any number of symptoms.

These symptoms include depression, sleep problems, overeating, social issues and irritability, lethargy, anxiety, a lower immune system and a noticeable mood shift in the spring.

Of course, the best way to deal with SAD is for the affected individual to seek treatment from their doctor. However, it is wise to be aware and considerate at work, in order to help those suffering from the illness feel a productive and valued part of the team, even on their low days.

Be sure to let plenty of light into the office, and introduce some short breaks during daylight hours so those who feel the need can get outside for some fresh air and sunlight.

Make an extra effort to be observant and if you notice some of your team are more lethargic, tired or irritable than usual, broach the topic and see if you can help. This is especially important for your team as a whole. One irritable individual could have a knock on effect and cause friction and fracturing throughout the team. If this is the case then there are a number of outdoor and indoor team building activities to try out – see some here.

Of course, SAD is just one of many obstacles thrown up by the winter season, though it can have a significant negative impact on teams and individuals alike.

So be aware of the different issues raised during the cold, bleak and (for some) depressing winter months, then make an extra effort to counteract any winter induced negativity. For more information on corporate fun days and activity events be sure to visit www.teamchallenge-company.co.uk today and spice up your office’s limp morale.