Home Health and Fitness 4 Important Questions about Zeolites

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natural zeolite in particles

These days, zeolites are quite popular because of their amazing health benefits. There are many studies and tests that prove their positive effects. If you are interested in using such minerals, it makes sense to answer a few important questions listed below.

  • What are zeolites all about?

They are those minerals that are formed when volcanic ash and lava meets sea water. They are created as soon as silica and aluminum are trapped in oxygen atoms. It is possible to find them in many types, and each one of them is negatively charged. This is what allows zeolith to attract and trap all kinds of positively charged particles, including ions and atoms. This popular mineral can remove different harmful toxins and heavy metals in a safe manner. This means that your body can be cleansed via its elimination process. It is often used in effective river and water filtration processes, added to many fertilizers, and so on.

  • What will happen after mining?

When zeolites are mined, it is necessary to perform certain lab tests because only they can show whether they contain the toxins and heavy metals obtained in the natural natural zeolite in particlesenvironment or during their mining process. They all must be cleaned quite thoroughly to make them suitable for any human consumption. Keep in mind that only the most sophisticated procedures and tools are used. This is what results in the reduced size of such minerals, so that they can enter your blood stream and help your body get rid of all harmful elements, such as pesticides, herbicides, and so on. Their size should not be more than only 2 microns.

  • How can they detoxify your body?

Some people still think that this process is painful, but they are wrong. Remember that many harmful elements and toxins are soluble in fats. This means that they can settle in your brain and hormonal glands, thus leading to an unwanted toxic overload, so that you will start suffering from certain health complications, such as infertility. Zeolites work by coaxing heavy metals and other negative elements from cells and transporting them through your body to be eliminated completely and naturally.

  • What does their usage mean for your well-being?

Having a cleaner and healthier body will result in dramatic improvements. You will have a healthier mind, physical state and experience other benefits quite fast. There are many miracles that can be done by this mineral.