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cleaning services for an office

Cleaning of office rooms is one of the most demanded cleaning services on the market of today. The way offices look plays a very important role in creation of the image of the company, so more and more companies make professional cleaning an item of their regular expenses and sign contracts with cleaning services for regular maintenance of their offices.

cleaning services for an officeIt is better to do office cleaning once in several days or once in a week, otherwise the amount of dust and dirt will surpass healthy levels. It will be visible on wooden surfaces, mouse pads, office appliances that suffer from particles of dust a lot. Professional cleaning of office rooms will allow to prolong lifespan of office appliances, decorative finishing, polished items and so on. Shiny floors and windowpanes, clean carpets and blinds, neat panels on walls will give your visitors and partners only the best impressions on the quality of your business.

You should not think that office cleaning will eat too much of your time or the time of your employees. Cleaning companies are able to do their job at any suitable time that you choose. By clicking here, you can find out on what days and at what time they can come to your office to clean it and disturb no working employees. Cleaning of office premises is normally done with the help of professional washing means that allow reducing time that is needed to cope with all tasks. It is possible to do regular daily or general cleaning in offices.

Daily cleaning involves:

-        Cleaning of carpets, floors, doors, walls,

-        Cleaning of glass surfaces,

-        Cleaning of tables, chairs and sofas,

-        Cleaning of rubbish bins,

-        Cleaning of toilets.

Regular general cleaning involves:

-        Removal of big rubbish particles,

-        Dry and wet cleaning of floors,

-        Removal of stubborn stains on walls and floors,

-        Vacuum cleaning of carpets,

-        Removal of dust from under all chests of drawers and shelve racks,

-        Removal of dust and dirt from windowsills, open shelves, leather upholstering, appliances and electrical fitting, table lamps, elements of decoration,

-        Polishing of wooden surfaces (optional sealer protection),

-        Washing of glass surfaces,

-        Removal of dust and dirt from cornices and ledges,

-        Complex cleaning and disinfection of toilets,

-        Cleaning of rubbish bins.

All this allows sustaining healthy atmosphere within the office.