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a fiction picture of moon colonization

So, you have probably heard of the man in the moon. What about the man living on the moon though? Well, he hasn’t moved in yet – but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan what his home and garden will be like when he gets there.

Once upon a time, landing on the moon seemed a million miles away, until NASA did it. In recent years, our space expeditions have stretched much further afield than the moon, and we have come to terms with our place in relation to the rest of the vast universe. As such, we have gotten braver.

We now dream of colonising space in the future and this is all thanks to the exploration, advancements and scientific development of recent decades. Instead of just visiting the moon for a quick nose around, we now set our sights on moving there and putting down roots with suburban style settlements. In fact, there are already various projects looking into lunar construction work, with solutions ranging from robotic labour to 3D printing (article).

What about the everyday practicalities though?

Well, the last time any man walked on the moon was 1972, when the Apollo 17 mission landed. Since then, the dust has settled and we have had time to get to know the moon a little better. Here are some facts and challenges we face:

  • There is no air on the moon
  • There is reduced gravity on the moon
  • Temperatures range from -233C to 123C in a day
  • Space rocks shower down on the moon, on a regular basis
  • The lack of atmosphere means the moon’s surface is not protected from the sun’s radiation

All this means is that, just to survive, we need have an awful lot of work to do. We have to: create and distribute oxygen artificially, heat the moon at night and cool it in the day, generate our own water and power, and somehow settle into a comfortable life.

Now, NASA has got a lot of the technical and scientific bits covered – or at least, they will do by the time move-in day rolls around.

What about the little tweaks and finishing touches though? All the creature comforts? They may not be top of the priorities right now, but once you’re up there you will see that they make the world of difference.

To get you thinking about said tweaks and finishing touches, here are a few creature comforts we think would help make your moon house a home.

High Street Space Suits

Due to the atmosphere (or lack thereof) on the moon, we will need an array of space suits to wander around in every time we leave the house. Even if our actual homes are a fiction picture of moon colonizationcovered by some super high-tech bubble type contraption, we will at some point venture out and do a moon walk. To make sure we keep our individual sense of lunar style, we will need high street stores to start catering for the space suit market too.

A Suped-Up Moon Buggy

Fancy a casual Sunday drive around the moon? Well, you will need a suped-up moon buggy to do so. Your average Clio just won’t cut it on the lunar surface. A moon buggy will have reinforced everything, monster truck tyres and all the mod cons you need. Who knows, it might even have a state-of-the-art stereo system, ideal for cruising.

Lush Synthetic Lawn

There is no atmosphere and no fertile soil (that we know of) on the moon. In fact, the whole environment is not exactly conducive to growing a lush green lawn or garden. That is where artificial grass comes in. Durable, versatile and virtually no maintenance, artificial grass is the perfect solution for a garden on the moon. Each and every pod will have its own patch of lush green grass and no one will have to waste valuable resources (water, electricity) to keep it that way.

These three are just the start of how to have an easy lunar life. There’s plenty of scope though; you could have a heated pool encased in glass which would be perfect for star gazing, or you could have an earthly view on demand with virtual windows. The sky really is the limit, after all, you’re going to be living on the moon!