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a marijuana leaf and a pair of handcuffs

Existing laws and regulations forbid people to drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol. This means that you are not allowed to operate your car while impaired by any substances that affect your reactions and brain. That’s because they have a negative impact on your mental and physical abilities, so that you do not have to ability to remain careful and attentive on the road.

Basically drugs can be prescription, over-the-counter and illegal. If they affect your ability to drive safely, you have a DUI case. As soon as police officers arrest you, they will take your blood or urine samples to determine the amount of drugs in your system. There is no quantitative threshold, so that prosecutors always rely on the observations of the police and witness statements.a marijuana leaf and a pair of handcuffs

If you are faced with drug DUI charges, do not forget about the advantage of hiring professional lawyers. They will guide you through all the processes involved and ensure that your legal rights are protected.

  1. Be aware of what to expect during the investigation of your case. Driving under the influence or alcohol and drugs may include different defense strategies. The main difference is that law enforcement officers have to call drug recognition experts if they suspect that you are impaired by drugs.
  2. Find out more about such experts. They must have the special training to identify whether suspected drivers are under the influence. The take the entire investigation as soon as they arrive on the crime scene. Their basic goal is to take several important steps to make a precise conclusion.
  • Confirming that your BAC results indicate that you are not impaired by alcohol.
  • Interviewing arrested officers.
  • Conducting a preliminary physical exam and it always includes checking a current pulse rate.
  • Examining your eyes to determine whether you have the so-called horizontal gaze nystagmus. It indicates that you are impaired by alcohol or drugs.
  • Administering field sobriety tests.
  • Taking vital signs and conducting a dark room examination. This is when your nose and mouth are checked for the traces of any drug ingestion.
  • Evaluating your muscles and their reactions because drugs make them rigid.
  • Looking for injection spots and questioning you about any drug use.
  • Asking to submit BAC and urine tests.

You need to have an experienced DUI lawyer at your side to ensure that you avoid the worst outcomes and protect your best interests. Call this professional right away because you may say or do something wrong, and it will affect your conviction.