Home Medicine 8 Common Services Offered by Chiropractors

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a chiropractor and his patient

Before scheduling a visit to a local chiropractic clinic, you should get more information about available services and treatments. This is how you will determine the most suitable one for your medical needs.

  1. Treating your spine with diversified techniques. Many practitioners decide to use standard spinal manipulations to treat their patients. These diversified adjustments involve low amplitude, high velocity and other manual manipulations, and they are targeted at adjusting different joints.
  2. Choosing extremity adjustments. This popular technique is applied by chiropractors to other joints, including your elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, and so on. It is used to treat a wide range of medical conditions, such as posture a chiropractor and his patientproblems, carpal tunnel syndrome and others.
  3. Activator methods. They include manual, spring loaded and instrument-based manipulations. The force of chiropractors is targeted at a faster and lighter thrust. This treatment method can be used to treat specific medical conditions, and the main difference is that it involves different additional instruments.
  4. Gonstead techniques. They are considered as a variation of diversified manipulations and are applied to treat a joint cavitation. Keep in mind that the best chiropractor in Portland Oregon should examine your physical condition, body temperature and prescribe X-rays before applying such manipulations.
  5. Distraction or cox flexion techniques. They are chosen for those patients who require the use of special tables for performing manual manipulations. This is when their spine will be flexed and tractioned forwards. Think about this treatment if you suffer from cervical, disc and other spinal disorders or simply want to increase your range of motion.
  6. Thompson methods. They are quite similar to the first technique, but involve a special table with a few segments or drop pieces. They can be cocked up in accordance with certain thrusts. The main reason to use this kind of equipment is to reduce the force used for spinal adjustments.
  7. SOT. This treatment uses some special blocks that have a triangle shape. They should be placed under your pelvis to help you get rid of low back health problems. It includes chiropractic techniques with less pressure to solve all kinds of joint issues and skull misalignments.
  8. Applied kinesiology. It involves a few certain medical procedures, and they can be combined based on your current healthcare needs. This treatment involves adjusting and diversified techniques, nutritional supplements, light massages and other methods to affect your neurovascular points in a positive way. This is how you will improve your overall well-being.