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car keys and glass with alcohol

It is true that DUI cases are considered as a very unpleasant experience for all drivers. If you are faced with these charges, you are not aware of what will happen to your driving license and your future. It is a scary period, so that you need to have someone experienced and professional at your side.

car keys and a glass with alcoholThere are different reasons why you should hire reliable DUI lawyers. It makes sense to check several important details to choose the best one, such as ariano reppucci. As soon as you get arrested, the first step that you need to take is to consult with this legal specialist. This is how you will get detailed information about relevant laws and your chances to avoid the worst outcomes.

Some drivers are still not aware that there are two different cases connected with driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

  1.  The first one is connected with criminal charges. These cases are held in a local court. It is all about a criminal trial, and this is where prosecutors represent their evidence, witness testimonies and take other steps.
  2. The other one is a civil administrative case. There are many people who are not aware of it at all. This is when local licensing agencies decide whether to suspect your driving license. It is necessary to request this kind of hearing as soon as possible. At times, your license is suspended automatically. You need to learn more about this legal matter from your experienced lawyer.

The good news is that you are able to use a number of effective ways to defend yourself against possible punishments, regardless of whether you have to face a criminal or administrative DUI case. You need to understand that your legal representative will help you challenge the legality of your traffic stop and other aspects involved.

For example, there are many DUI cases that are won only because alcohol blood tests were administered incorrectly. You should use this chance to avoid the worst outcomes possible. It is possible to use other useful tools in order to protect your legal rights effectively. The right choice is based on the particular circumstances of your case.

You should not forget that DUI laws may vary greatly based on your location. That’s why you need to choose your lawyer accordingly. It is quite hard to win this type of case, but it is not impossible, especially if you have a good attorney at your side.