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It is obvious that those men who require plus size clothing should be quite careful if they want to improve their appearance and look stylish. You need to understand that these clothes can look excellent if you choose them correctly. a man in a new wearBasically, there are different tips that you should use to ensure that you are making a good choice. They will help you end up with the best plus size mens dress clothing.

  1. It is advisable to avoid horizontal stripes. You should choose only the vertical ones because they will make you appear slimmer. They also draw people’s eyes downwards, and this is what makes your body look longer.
  2. Another good idea that you should use is to go single breasted. These jackets always help plus size men appear slimmer than they are. The main reason is that they focus eyes at the center of your body. However, you need to be careful about their vents. Try to stay away from those jackets and blazers that are double-vented because they draw attention to your bottom. It is always best to choose the single-vented ones because you will look better when wearing them.
  3. Do not forget about finding a perfect fit. You need to make sure that you are buying those clothes that fit your size. Tight clothing can make you look funny. The same can be said for baggy clothes because you will look bigger when wearing them. You should choose the right size if you want to move and feel comfortably.
  4. It makes sense to go monochrome. There are many fashion experts who claim that shirts and pants in contrasting colors usually draw attention to the center of your body. You should avoid this color combination. It is true that black and other dark colors are perfect for slimming. If you want to dress in black, you should add an interesting detail or accessory to make you look attractive and bright.
  5. Wearing high neck jumpers in a poor idea. That’s because they make your neck appear fatter and you will be provided with an illusion of a shorter man. Try to buy and wear only V-neck shirts and other similar clothes. They will provide you with a slicker appearance.
  6. You always need to use a stylish belt. It will hold your waistline and make you look slimmer. Besides, you can be sure that your pants hang properly. These tips include everything you need to know.