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Unfortunately, the quality of health care senior Americans receive today is rather low. This is rather strange, because the skills and equipment doctors possess today is very high. However, the structure of the health care system as a whole is so complicated that it’s incredibly difficult for people to understand where exactly they need to turn for help, especially if they are limited by their health insurance policy.

a doctor working on a laptopAs the vast majority of Americans that are older than 65 use Medicare, they can use the services of various organizations that unite several types of health care specialists, but these structures are a bit lacking. This means that they cannot help you coordinate your treatment plan properly. Thus, you will be forced to keep track of your personal records that stay in several different offices.

As you can see, this system is far from being perfect. The government understands this and they are actually trying to do something about it. This is why the system of Accountable Care Organizations has been developed recently. However, it is yet to gather the support that will allow it to prove its efficiency to the fullest.

Why Do People Need ACOs?

Accountable Care Organizations perform many functions in the world of health care services, but the most important of them is definitely structurization. They aim to provide every person using the benefits of Medicare with a single point of contact in the medical field. This means that a patient gets assigned a personal physician that keeps track of his or her condition and coordinates their treatment from different health care specialists as well as collects their records from different offices.

This is a difficult task for the physician and the other health care specialists involved, because this requires them to spend more time on paperwork. Thus, it’s rather easy to understand why many professionals that work in this field aren’t very welcoming of this idea and don’t care to join ACOs.

In order to change this situation, the government established various incentives that can encourage medical specialists to join ACOs. The vast majority of these incentives are monetary, meaning that the government gives money to health care providers. This may sound callous to some people, but if you assess the situation from a physician’s point of view, you will see that the additional work they have to perform requires compensation. Therefore, it’s understandable that this kind of an incentive is absolutely necessary in this particular case.