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When it comes to getting a new wheelchair battery, it is always best to be aware of how this choice is going to affect the functionality of this kind of equipment. This factor will have an impact on its future use.

a big white batteryIt is clear that you are going to end up without the necessary power if you decide on the wrong one. Basically, you need to think about the main characteristics of each type of wheelchair batteries, and then choose the most suitable one for your personal requirements.

1)      It is advisable to focus on two main types available in the modern market. They both can be called deep-cycled, and this means that they are created in order to fully deplete with every discharge cycle. They use almost the entire capacity.

2)      The first type is called a lead-acid and wet-cell wheelchair battery. There are many people who choose them because of their better capacity, which means that they make it possible to travel for long distances using only one battery. Their users can eliminate a variety of obstacles, but the main drawback is that they are a bit expensive for the general public. It is also necessary to add clean water on a regular basis. This process can be quite complicated because these wheelchair batteries are heavy and not so easy to reach. You should not forget that their users can be exposed to a number of dangerous situations, such as chemical burns. That’s why their use is forbidden on different airlines.

3)      The other popular type is a gel-cell battery for wheelchairs. The best thing is that its use doesn’t require water, so we can say that it is maintenance free. If you decide to buy such batteries, you can forget about dangerous chemical spills, and airlines allow using only them. The main issue that they have is that they are less powerful and effective compared to the first type. If you need to travel on a regular basis, this option is not for you.

4)     You need to be aware of how long the wheelchair battery that you choose is going to last. This factor also depends on the type of device that you have. If you use your wheelchair regularly, you will have to change batteries on a yearly basis. If you prefer to stay indoors, they may serve for longer. You should not forget to buy a good quality charger if you want them to be more durable.