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Social media is an online service, a website or a platform that are meant for social contacts between people. users of such resources have profiles which can be filled in with personal information like a birth date, profession, hobbies and interest and so on. All these pieces of information are tags that allow people finding each other in the entire network. a young woman near a laptopSocial media can be open for any user and can be an enclosed circle that offers access only to a certain category of people. However, in any case, a social media has so-called “publics” ad allows making friends with other users.

A Means of Communication

Millions of people around the world are members of these or those social networks. The average majority of such users can be described with a high preciseness in accordance to their activities on the web and their profiles. All these people are potential customers in practically all spheres, so social media with their plenty of information are a great marketing instrument for many companies and businesses. Effective social media training, a properly planned marketing strategy and patience allow embracing thousands of people at a time and promote an idea quickly and effectively.

Why Social Media Marketing Is Better

Compared to traditional advertising (for example, to banner ads), social media marketing discovers a range of advantages that are offered by promotion of a business through social media groups:

  • Cheap advertising campaigns (at least, twice as cheap as traditional ads, while each contact is much more valuable),
  • A wider and more effective coverage due to constant growth of the audience of social media,
  • A possibility to get a quick feedback and react to it immediately,
  • Development of customers’ loyalty through “humanization” of brands, because ads in social media are treated not as something annoying, more like recommendations from friends.
  • Social media are not vulnerable to crises and influence of any outer factors, they do not depend on political or economic situation in a country. The only danger they are exposed to is appearance of a new platform that is more popular and used by other people.

Today’s social media give users a chance to have detailed reports on ratings, usage of links, articles, content and so on. Users of social media profiles can keep an eye on the popularity of their profile with the help of inbuilt tools. It helps to see what is interesting to the audience and what does not impress it at all.