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nice design of living room

If you are tired of classic chandeliers in the center of your ceiling and you want to see something more interesting in your rooms, you should give attention to several newest tendencies in living room lighting. Lighting has magical powers: it can make ceilings higher or lower, it can add air to the space and enclose too spacious rooms, etc. What you need to do is be very attentive to peculiarities of your home.

a nice design of a living roomLow Ceilings

If your ceilings are low (not even due to its actual height but more due to your personal feelings), refuse having big chandeliers and ceiling lamps that steal space. Accentuate attention and lighting with the help of floor and table lamps; sometimes wall mounted lamps can create a wonderful atmosphere.

Too Much Space

Too spacious rooms that appear after a fusion of kitchens and dining rooms need enough light. However, separate zones should still remain separate in order to keep the style. In such a situation, you should give accents to a dining table and choose the brightest and juiciest lampshade. At the same time, your recreational zone should be lit with soft even light that can come from table or floor lamps beside the coach and inbuilt smaller lamps that attract attention to interesting interior details.

Numerous Interesting Details

If your room is fill of pictures and interesting decorations, it makes sense to use busline lamps with accentuating optics. Such a solution has migrated to our homes from picture galleries. Today’s homes are galleries as well: all those old pictures, paintings, jewelry boxes and other vintage things certainly need attention and accented lighting. Busline lamps should be chosen and installed by professionals like Bob Waibel & Son Electric Co. or any other reliable company you can find.

Multilevel Ceilings

If you have complicated ceilings with several different levels, all its curvy elements will be lost without proper lighting. Light is needed to give contrasting shades and exaggerate shapes of objects. You can use chains of diode lamps: they are tiny and flexible enough.

You can always choose what you like because the assortment of lighting options is huge. Still, you should remember that lighting devices are supposed to match the interior perfectly well. A crystal chandelier will hardly look well among walls with old wallpaper, while a plain old lampshade will look out of place in a luxuriously finished exquisite room.