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Scales on family law book

If you are divorcing your spouse, it is definitely a tough situation. You need to cope with numerous troubles and solve numerous problems before everything is over. Even if you are parting in a peaceful way without any quarrels, you will have to talk everything over with your spouse and come to a certain conclusion. A lot also depends on the law of the state you live in. For example, in Massachusetts, you do not need to hire a lawyer in order to be divorced. You can stand for yourself in all court matters that involve divorce or separation with alimony or child support. In other states, the situation can be completely different, and this is another reason to hire a lawyer at least as a consultant.

Complicated Matters

scales on a family law bookYet, such matters as divorces and custody are usually very complicated. Risks and stakes are very high. That is why in separate situations (for example, if there were episodes of violence or cruelty), it is better to hire a good divorce attorney Fremont, Downey, or elsewhere you need. A lawyer is a great helper in your case because it is much easier to rely upon somebody than to try to sort it out on your own. A lawyer can help to arrive at a solution that will satisfy both spouses and there will be no need to take the matter to court. In case there is no agreement between you and your spouse or if you are attacked by your partner, the lawyer will help you to find proper protection.

Affordable Legal Services

If you feel that you will not be able to pay for a lawyer’s services, you can turn to a local agency for legal support. They can find you a lawyer with low fees or a lawyer who will agree to help you for free (they call it “pro bono”, and it is a duty of each lawyer to undertake a certain number of such cases). If there are no free lawyers for you at the moment, you can try to turn to professionals who have sliding scale fees. This means that people with higher incomes pay them more, while people with lower incomes pay in accordance to another pricelist. You need to inform the lawyer of your financial abilities at once. It is better to find a lawyer who does not demand a retainer. Besides that, it will be cheaper for you to prepare certain documents for your lawyer in advance.