Home Medicine Tips on How to Whiten Teeth Effectively

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There are more and more people who are becoming aware of the importance of having white and shiny teeth. That’s why they often visit their cosmetic dentists. a tooth brush and sodaIf their teeth are yellow or discolored, the best decision that they can make is to whiten them. Basically, there are different products and treatments that can help them achieve this goal.

The Main Reasons That Cause This Problem

If someone is not aware of what teeth whitening is all about, it is advisable to note that this dental procedure can restore the natural color of their teeth. Besides, it is used in order to get whiter shades. There are different reasons why patients may require this kind of treatment. It is required to contact certified dentists, such as James R. Parsey DDS, if they want to get more information about available products and solutions. First, it makes sense to get a better understanding of those reasons that may lead to their tooth discoloration.

Patients may have yellow teeth because their mineral structure changes and enamel may become less porous. Some of the most common causes that result in this kind of discoloration include microscopic cracks, dark-colored food products, beverages, smoking, bacterial pigments, and so on. There are some people who have discolored teeth because of aging, trauma, or their exposure to excessive fluoride or tetracycline. In any case, it is possible to solve all of those issues with the help of experienced dental professionals.

The Most Popular Treatments

There are different teeth whitening treatments to choose from. People need to be aware of their main pros and cons to be able to make a more informed decision. The most effective and popular one is in-office bleaching. This is when patients turn to professionals dentists who specialize in this field. They can offer such teeth whitening products as laser light, washes, and others.

Before starting to use any of those methods, cosmetic dentists need to examine the current condition of their patients and clean their teeth. After that they discuss the right shade that can be expected using a special chart. People should know that professional teeth whitening will not take more than one hour. In addition, they may try other methods, such as over-the-counter whiteners, but these will not provide them with effective and long-lasting results. It makes sense to try natural bleaching as well. Patients may use special food products, like baking soda.