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Vehicles manufactured by Ford Motor Company have been popular with drivers around the world for many years. They are appreciated for their reliability and comfort. Having such a vehicle, even if it is a used one, is a good choice: it practically does not matter how old a car is as long as all its details are whole and have never been ruined in a car crash. Still, if you are into choosing a used Ford auto, you should remember that these cars have their own particular problems and weak points. Most of them will be listed below on the example of Ford Focus, one of the most popular makes.

Safety of Ford Focus and Its Weak Points

a number of used autosFord Focus autos are quite safe: in accordance to EuroNCAP crash tests it has received 5 points for safety. Still, the body of these cars is durable while it is not eaten by corrosion that usually appears from the inside and bottom parts. If you have already bought a used Focus, there is no reason for procrastinating with anti-corrosion procession of its most vulnerable parts like thresholds, doors and hood. Another usual problem of such vehicles happens to lamps that give light to its license plate: water affects contacts and they start developing rust. The same can happen to the button that opens the truck: it is not protected from water. All these details should be investigated immediately at the moment you are buying the auto from your Ford dealer Chicago or wherever else you purchase the vehicle.

How the Inside is Equipped

The quality of plastic inside the auto can be different: in vehicles that are equipped in a basic way it is harder and can squeak, while in more expensive vehicles the plastic is softer. Standard blocks give way very rarely, though one of the most widely spread problems is connected to window raisers: they fail to pull windows up and down to their extreme positions.

Protection Against Robbers

Doors of Ford Focus cars are perfectly protected against robbers; its is also practically impossible for car thieves to start the engine. Focus cars are equipped with 15 modules that work on CAN-Bus, so there is no need to install any additional alarm system.

You should remember that original spare parts for Ford vehicles are pretty expensive. However, there are numerous licensed options that can be found on the market. If you cannot spend so much money on repairs, you should keep these spare parts in mind, but experts do not recommend trusting electronics to strangers: professional help is always better.


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