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park on roof of building

If you’re looking for advanced roof solutions, you should have a look at the newly installed Diadem green roofing system. a park on a roof of a buildingYou can find this miracle in Budapest.  The given construction is based on Weiss and Appetitio Power Jumbo technology.  An efficient pumping system sprays bonding agents as well as gravel onto flooring.

Most of the roof’s components came from recycled materials. You won’t find dangerous plasticisers in this sophisticated eco-friendly construction.  The given green roofing solution is surprisingly flexible, so it can be easily adapted to any scheme or requirement.

The roof garden will drastically improve the overall look of Budapest.  The rooftop occupies up to 19,220 square meters.  It involves both extensive and intensive planting.   Considering the huge size of this cutting-edge roof, we may ascertain that it will have an extremely positive impact on biodiversity.  There’s no doubt that birds, insects, and animals will benefit from this vivid example of advanced roof solutions.

The greenery of this advanced roof plays a vital role in turning harmful carbon into oxygen.  Apart from that, the roof cools the entire building in warm seasons, while insulating it in winter.  Thus, it saves much energy normally required for temperature control.  Considering that air conditioning and heating consume the majority of energy, the overall benefit is really enormous.

As for the roofing membrane, I can say that it also plays an essential role in minimizing the harmful effect of rainwater.  The matter is that rainwater isn’t eco-friendly at all, to put that mildly.  It greatly contributes into flooding which always threaten this riverside city. Furthermore, when this water gets back to ground through drainage it brings a great deal of contamination, thus affecting plants and animals.  The newly built roof efficiently absorbs rainwater via its greenery.

Sure, you may argue regarding the cost-efficiency of this green project, but anyway it’s evident that the Diadem green roofing system is performing an important task for the city.  It’s a real miracle of green technology, and most likely it will spread over the Earth in the near future.  It’s hard to imagine a better protection and sun than this roof stuffed with the latest innovations.  Apart from insulation and protection, the roof also keeps the building away from the thermal shock.  No one doubts that the cutting-edge green facility will last for years, making this part of our planet much better.