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Gavel and Law books

When you are charged with a crime, your whole life may change, and it won’t be a change for the better. This means that you should take this situation very seriously and do everything within your power to get the charges dropped as quickly as possible.Thus, you will need to hire a highly qualified lawyer to represent your interests.

The most serious issue that often prevents people from employing the services of a lawyer that is really the best is money. It’s true that criminal defense attorneys usually charge rather high fees, but the cost of their services is usually justified. Think about how much you value your future and you will see that a bill from a lawyer isn’t too high of a price to pay for a life without worries.

Also, some of the reputable criminal defense lawyers today take some steps in order to make it easier for people to afford their services. Some attorney payment plans are rather flexible. Thus, you might be able to pay for a really good lawyer even if you don’t have enough money at the moment.

Is a Court Appointed Lawyer a Viable Solution?

a gavel and law booksDo you wonder whether you should risk spending what little money you have on a reputable criminal defense attorney if you have one appointed by the court anyway? Many people think along the same lines when they get into a similar situation.

A court appointed lawyer is a qualified legal specialist that took an oath to protect the interests of his or her clients to the best of their ability. This means that your interests will be represented by a professional that has some experience with these cases. Isn’t this enough to ensure the best results that can be achieved in your case?

Actually, it isn’t. The difference between a “good” and “really good” lawyer is tiny, but it matters a great deal. When dealing with criminal charges, experience and connections are the most essential qualities for a lawyer. This means that by accepting the representation of a court appointed attorney, you will rob yourself of a chance to be represented by someone who specializes in this particular type of charges. The lawyer that will work to protect you may be good, but it’s highly unlikely that he or she has enough specialized experience to use every loophole that exists in the current legislation. Don’t forget that a lawyer’s reputation and connections also matter greatly. Sometimes, your attorney’s name alone can make a strong enough impression to get the prosecutor to agree to your deal.