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Car warranties that are given by the manufacturers of vehicles are a kind of car insurance. They make you sure that your vehicle will be repaired and serviced in official centers of the trademark with practically all the problems that it can have. These services are usually high-quality and done with only genuine spare parts and tools. However, one day this warranty expires, and you have to face a cruel world of repair centers and their prices. Surely, everyone would dream about an extended car warranty in such a situation. Is it possible?

New Possibilities

Since recent times, it has become possible to extend the warranty for a certain car in an official trading center at a certain cost. It means that the warranty will be valid for at least a couple of years more, and you will have no more problems with service centers, technical maintenance, and regular inspections of your vehicle. It’s a great thing, especially for people who prefer replacing their current vehicle with a newer one every five years.

How It Can Improve the Value of Your Car

a car on coinsWhat’s more, have you ever thought about the extension of a car warranty as an investment plan? Why are people attracted to new cars? In most cases, the most attractive thing is some new function, but experienced people also recommend buying new vehicles because of their brand-new warranty. Indeed, if you have made up your mind to sell your car, you should not be surprised that seven drivers out of ten will prefer a new vehicle due to its new warranty. At the same time, you can make the mentioned investment and extend the warranty your car currently has by two more years. It will be a great bonus that will increase the price and popularity of your car by several times.

Options You Can Choose

If you are not going to sell your vehicle, an extended warranty can be a nice alternative to car insurance policies at least for several more years. Though this warranty will not protect you in case of a car crash, it will make repairs more financially affordable for you. What’s more, you will be perfectly able to order something like extended coverage. It will mean that your warranty will have additional points to secure your car even better. You can always find more information about warranty extensions at official resources of car manufacturers. They normally have pricelists for each package, depending on its size and extension term (official resources are the only source of trustworthy information).


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