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Man with woman in restaurant

New York is a city that can offer you samples of nearly all cuisines of the world. Being inhabited with thousands of immigrants who arrive at this city from all around the globe, the megalopolis has developed an amazingly rich and delicious cookery palette. Eating out has become an independent free-time activity, practically a kind of sports.

Diversity of Offers

Eatingoutin New York is a lifestyle. Local people say that it is possible to eat out in a new café or a restaurant every night for ten years and you will not visit all of them. Some cafés and restaurants are closed down inevitably, but new ones are opened each year. More than 120 restaurants participate in an annual Summer restaurant week. On these days, a dinner of three courses costs only a part of its regular price.

Exotic Tastes and Dishes

As a rule, most restaurants have more or less traditional menus, within the frame of their specialization or an ethnic bias. Still, if you want to taste pickled venison or snake wine, you will need to travel to Chinatown or another respective district. It is necessary to mention that the majority of Indian restaurants stay within one or two-star categories, and in many of them you will be able to try smorgasbord for about $15.

Rules of Visiting

a man and woman in a restaurantIn some trendy NYC restaurants, especially the ones that are located in hotels, they want their male guests to wear suits and ties. There are restaurants that do not accept advance orders. Before you make any orders, make it sure with a menu whether there are additional costs for services. It is also quite easy to check information about the majority of restaurants through their official websites.

Open-Air Snacking Options

However, it is said that you can live a week in New York and never eat in any restaurant. It is always possible to have a snack in the street, especially close to street intersections. Pretzels are especially popular, together with hot fried chestnuts. Many bars and diners have happy hours when drinks are served with a light snack. There are also so-called budget diners that work around the clock. They usually serve plain and traditional American food to live piano music. Besides that, there are numerous pizza restaurants and cafes that offer pasta with delicious Italian dainties. Though big restaurants are usually quite expensive, smaller cafés and diners can provide you with tasty and nourishing food at relatively low prices.